Tie the edges of the jacket with thread! I really liked this idea. I want to tie my daughter into the autumning. The scarf-crochet

Autumn is a wonderful time of year! The housecleaning shop is closed, the windows have already closed, but the light will return if we go inside. The scarf-crochet shop is in operation for the season, so it is better to prepare ahead. This option is suitable for children's things: it is also beautiful in its own right, so it is not necessary to buy it in bulk. The volume of reviews on social networks has allowed me to narrow the review range. Here are the top 10 most talked about ideas of 2014.Agree, it looks beautiful. Look how the product looks now. It also looks interesting in the finished product. There are several of my models. This scarf-crochet looks very interesting. The main thing is that it is easy to knit. So let's get on with it.Strengthen your knitting. Buy some products and try to tie them to your child's things. The look of things will definitely come in handy when visiting the nursery.Well, and for the children, it seems, everything is very easy to knit? Take a hook and start knitting the scarf-column. In any workpiece, the scarf easily and simply supports the workpiece. Columns with a common thread do not deform and do not look like twisted yarn. Therefore, they are called "scrapbooking" ( Yandex. ).Therefore, even in novice knitter's hands, such an accessory looks cute and harmonious. I even found a pattern for knitting these columns. The basic pattern is as follows:class="article-image article-image_theme_undefined article-image_lazy article-image_lazy-shown article-image_with-border-radius article-render__block article-render__block_image">Such chic things look harmonious and unusual. Therefore, we knit without compulsion or compulsion, author's instructions.Knitting in the style of freeform crocheted. This is how I knit the sleeves of my daughter.